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The reasons you should wax!

1. Fewer ingrown hairs.

Waxing is a form of exfoliating; it removes hair and dead skin cells. Shaving does not have the same effect, so hair can easily become ingrown beneath the skin. However, waxing doesn’t make ingrowns disappear completely so it is important to exfoliate between waxings with a body scrub, or a head of broccoli (looks like a loofah). Use an after care product such as our (PFB VANISH post-wax roll on serum) for ingrown treatment and prevention!

2. Leads to finer, softer, and less hair.

When shaving, the hairs are cut from the surface of your skin. Waxing, grabs the hair from the roots leaving hairs to re-grow with a naturally narrowed tip resulting to softer/finer hair growth. Repeated waxing may also weaken hair follicles shutting down growth entirely.

3. Service is performed by a licensed professional.

Licensed estheticians/cosmetologists undergo special training to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. With experience and knowledge, our licensed professionals will ensure you are well educated and leave you feeling confident.

4. Its less time consuming.

Shaving a large body part, such as your full legs or chest, takes a lot of time. Smaller areas like underarms need to be revisited frequently. Waxing can target any size area quickly, freeing up time on your schedule.

5. Skin stays smoother longer.

When you shave, stubble can resurface within a day. Hair that’s been waxed usually takes between two and six weeks to grow back.

6. Our hard wax is the way to go!

We use a blue hard wax made from beeswax and high quality rosins. There are no strips involved for removal and it is less painful in comparison to soft wax.


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